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Mem. Multilingual support for Aleph and Omega

This project in not maintained any longer. The original Omega project is not active and it has been superseded by LuaTeX.

This project is now hosted by SourceForge.

Currently under study and development, this package should provide a basis for a multilingual support for LaTeX when used with Aleph or Omega and its OCP mechanism. The first experimental code was presented by me in Tokyo (Japan) in 2001 with the name of Lambda, and after a pause work is again in progress with the new name of Mem.

Currently the macros are not intended to be a functional package, but rather to demostrate the capabilities of such a multilingual environment and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of several approachs to the problem. In other words, it is still at an experimental stage.

(Note the name Lambda still appears at some places.)

Free downloads

  • mem.txt. Readme file, explaining the project (TXT, 14k).
  • lambdasli.pdf. Slides from Tokyo, 2001 (PDF, 150k).
  • selscript.zip. An experimental OCP to select a font depending on the Unicode page (ZIP, 32k).

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